Holistic Marketing Approach

“A house divided against itself cannot stand.” Although Abraham Lincoln was addressing a fractured government at the time of his iconic speech, this principle stands true for almost any aspect in life, marketing included.  If even one channel is removed, your marketing campaign can crumble before any results are measured.  With all components in place and implemented correctly, a well-oiled marketing machine can increase exposure and bring in more customers than ever before.

The ideal holistic marketing approach includes 7 parts working flawlessly together.  PR, Social Media, SEO, Website Design, Newsletter, Blogging, and Measuring Results can all combine to create a campaign for the ages.

  1. Public Relations establishes the perfect brand recognition within your desired audience and strategic partners. 

  2. Social Media serves to drive traffic to your website, and sets your position in many customers’ personal worlds through their social platforms.

  3. Search Engine Optimization: Big words, but an important concept nonetheless.  Consumers are constantly running online searches, and you want your brand at the top of their results.

  4. Web Design is crucial; you need a good landing page for your audience to get to once they’ve discovered you on Social Media or online searches.

  5. Newsletters serve as the Wall Street Journal of your company; your audience wants to know the headlines of what you are up to.

  6. Blogging brings even more people to your website by giving them informed, interesting blog articles that they want to read.

  7. Measuring results is imperative for determining the success of the campaign.

While all of these components working together will provide the best marketing approach, they all need to be set up in the right way individually.  Take the time to do each one correctly, and they will work together to create a complete, effective system to drive as many customers to you as possible.  And while Lincoln didn’t get the chance to experience the joys of social media, his speech can hold true for all industries, including marketing, through generations.

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