13 Instagram Ad Statistics Every Business Needs to Know in 2019

Instagram’s popularity is impressive, especially when you consider that it launched in 2010, six years after Facebook and four years after Twitter. Once just a simple photo-sharing app, Instagram is now a branding powerhouse, with ads, Stories and other unique features that appeal to marketers and their audiences. Ads were not part of Instagram’s platform from the start – they were first offered in late 2013 – but they’re now an integral part of marketing strategies around the globe.

Today, there are more than a billion active Instagram users every month and more than 500 million active accounts every day. While it’s not as popular as Facebook or YouTube, Instagram has already edged out Tumblr, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat and Pinterest. The platform isn’t just for pals to connect with one another – 80% of accounts are following a business.

What’s so great about advertising on Instagram is that it’s tied to Facebook’s ad platform, which is an insanely rich hub of customer data. That means that Instagram ads can be highly targeted, just like Facebook ads are. To figure out the best way to use your marketing budget, let’s explore the five types of Instagram ads, plus important Instagram statistics for 2019.

Five Types of Instagram Ads

1) Carousel Ads May Result in Almost 70% Fewer Likes

A carousel ad has several photos or videos that users can swipe through. Advertisers use carousel ads to showcase several products or features, or to share information that has multiple parts.


Even though you’d think more content would equal more engagement, there are numerous examples of carousel ads performing more poorly than single-image ads.


Socialbakers found the same thing:


2) Increase Conversions by Over 6% with Collection Ads

Collection ads let you show several products in one ad and give users the opportunity to make a purchase directly from the ad.

It’s difficult to find broad stats about Instagram collections ads, but Facebook’s test results are positive: “We’ve been testing this solution with brands such as Netshoes, which saw a 6.3% lift in conversions and 42% lower conversion cost when using collection compared with other ad formats.”

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*Source: 13 Instagram Ad Statistics Every Business Needs to Know in 2019

Molly Ebert